Lakes on Golf Courses

Golf Lakes

In lakes and stagnant ponds, there are significant problems, starting with the growth of large quantities of algae during the spring, due to the vast amount of nutrients by decaying plant matter and animal matter. These algae block oxygen and prevent the penetration of sunlight.

In mid-summer, the waters are muddy and the problems begin with unpleasant odors and insect infestation due to a deficiency of oxygen in the water.

The problem is getting worse, even to prevent the presence of any kind of life in these waters, as well as increase the chances of infection.
Aeration has been used in thousands of lakes golf courses in the last 22 years worldwide. If you need to control the growth of algae, odor control, or simply improve the health and beauty of its lakes, Oxicom Aeration is economical and chemical free solution.

We can help you throughout your project. Click here to get a free budget or contact our sales department for more information.

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