Diffusion Systems

Oxygen transfer is directly proportional to the contact of bubbles with water. Controlling The diameter of the small bubbles is very important for the transfer of oxygen in the highest level possible and the movement of homogenous water.

These features make the energy costs of our ozoaeration systems drastically reduced over our competitors.

The overall increase in energy costs and growing demands of the market makes our ozoaeration system increasingly attractive to our customers.

A bigger bubble, faster rise and lower oxygen transfer.

Our systems have independent certifications regarding the transfer of oxygen and energy required.
All bubbles produced by our systems have a diameter between 0.5 mm and 2.5 mm, providing the highest transfer in the aeration industry (10% permeters of water column).

How to save money?

The principle is very simple. Large bubbles rise to the surface of the water much faster than fine bubbles. Large bubbles create what is called TURBULENT FLOW and the small bubbles cause what is called LAMINAR FLOW.
The turbulent flow produces unnecessary energy expenditure and the laminar, allows optimized energy consumption.

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Turbulent Flow
Laminar Flow


The modular diffusers discs are made of stainless steel, which can accommodate different types of ventilation pipes. Its diameter of 1.200 mm is optimized to cover a large area and a maximum efficiency in the transfer of oxygen preventing coalescence of bubbles.
The ventilation tube has surgical cuts of 25 micrometers of thickness throughout its length, and requires a pressure of 0,15 bars, above the hydrostatic pressure to expel air in uniform manner.
These precise cuts act simultaneously as non-return valve to prevent the entry of water and solids in the tube.
Our pipe are designed and built to offer the highest performance with minor losses of load. Each air outlet emits 5 microbubbles per second or that is to say more that a billion bubbles per day.

Heavy Pipe Release

PVC pipe are made of high density, heavy and with additives carbon to provide resistance to ozone and UV radiation.
It’s very special characteristics offer extreme durability, high performance and avoid all types of weights or added to prevent flotation on the surface when fills with water.

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