Aeration Systems

Subsurface Aeration

Deep aeration involves the injection of air into the swamp or lake to create a column of water / air which enables the bottom water with low oxygen content, to mix with the water surface high content of oxygen.

This process involves millions of fine air bubbles that are in the ascending process transferring oxygen to the water, achieving a natural balance of the lake.


Ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen in which three atoms of this element are combined to generate the ozone molecule.

It is a bluish gas heavier than air, with a strong and penetrating odor, which is found naturally weaker in large masses of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Ozone is considered one of the strongest oxidants in nature, since its electrochemical potential is 2.07 V to 1.36 V versus chlorine gas. Specifically, organic structures oxidized very quickly, making for some time is the most widely used disinfectant.

Clearly the O3 is really fast and effective in its action, and is also odorless, tasteless and has no known derivatives that could be harmful to health.

The instability of ozone, which at first might seem inconvenient, since it makes it difficult to contain and forcing manufacturing site becomes one of its greatest virtues because after his performance as an oxidant is transformed into oxygen and disappears without leaving residue.


Some lakes have water quality problems related to the layering of the lake's waters, which occurs in the sum¬mer months.
During the summer, the warm surface layer of water does not mix with the colder bottom layer of water. If a lot of algae have grown in the lake, decay of the dead algae on the lake bottom may use almost all of the oxygen in the cold bottom water layer. When there is no oxygen in the bottom waters, the water is said to be anoxic. The area created between the warm and cold layers, can act as a physical barrier preventing any vertical mixing in the lake, and encourage algae growth throughout the warm surface waters.
To solve all these problems, Oxicom designed the system called Ozoaireation based on the latest technologies in aeration and the ultimate cold ozone generation.

The Ozoaireación is a system designed by Oxicom based on the latest aeration technologies with the latest cold ozone generation technology. This technology is based on the introduction into water, by diffusion of bubbles from the bottom of the pond, a controlled mixture of air and ozone, so that we get optimum ecological balance by:

=> Increased levels of oxygen dissolved in the water.

=> Displacement of carbon dioxide, preventing the proliferation of algae and weeds.

=> It inhibits the growth of insects.

=> Due to the ascendant movement of the micro bubbles, there is a delamination of the water, causing a mixture of densities and temperatures of the lake and the water moves from the bottom to the surface, where toxic gases are removed and is exposed to sunlight.

=> By the direct action of ozone toxins, pollutants, and odors are removed, and heavy metals are precipitated. Ozone causes a very high increase in water clarity.

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